Why us?

When buying real estate, trust is a key issue, especially when it comes to real estate in a foreign country.

Language barriers, a lack of knowledge about local laws and regulations, and the concern – often justified – that you will have to pay more because you are foreigner, make many people hesitant about buying real estate abroad.

Unfortunately, in the international real estate market, there are cases of unscrupulous “amateur brokers” who dishonestly take advantage of the good faith and naiveté of foreign buyers, here in Uruguay as well.


What sets us apart from the rest:

  • Mutual trust is the basis for any sound business relationship. For us, first of all, it is essential to treat you with the trust you deserve. That’s why, as a potential buyer, you will not be asked to sign a brokerage agreement with us before your first visit to a property or at any other time. We also do not charge in advance for visits to properties or the other assistance we provide, with the promise of a reimbursement if you choose to make a purchase, as is sometimes the case with other brokers.
  • In our opinion, among the foundations of a serious business relationship, the most important is presentation. A trivial detail? Unfortunately, no. Often, on the websites of other real estate operators, you will find nothing more than an anonymous contact form, or perhaps a phone number. In our case, you will know right from the start who you are dealing with. (Contact/Impress, “About us”)
  • We are a real estate agency registered with the Ministry of Tourism in Uruguay (No. 1117). This provides you with additional security. When you deal with us, you won’t encounter any dishonest business practices – it’s not our style, and we can’t allow it, because we want to be here for our clients for many more years.
  • With regard to this point, we would like to emphasize a few things. Here in Uruguay, we have many international “competitors” who are not registered, and are therefore working illegally in the real estate market, earning income from their operations for which they do not pay taxes, of course. In some cases, they have flagrantly advertised real estate offerings on the Internet for years, with the justification that they don’t charge a commission: instead their “clients” are free to “give” them some sort of compensation at their own discretion. Of course, they present themselves as being fully trustworthy and honest, and claim that their clients will save themselves a great deal of trouble and expense with their help. However, any service offered by real estate agents in Uruguay can only be taken seriously if they are legally registered.
  • We think it goes without saying that any income generated in Uruguay should be declared, and the corresponding taxes should be paid. We live in this country because we love it; we use public facilities and we benefit from the many advantages offered to us here. We are happy to contribute in any way we can to Uruguay’s continued development.
  • Before seeking an intermediary for a real estate purchase, be sure to ascertain for your own sake, and for the sake of this beautiful country, that the person you are dealing with is registered with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports as a real estate agent.
  • We guarantee that when you deal with us, there will be no hidden surcharges, and you will not pay any more than a local resident.
  • We are extremely knowledgeable about conditions and circumstances in Uruguay, and will provide you with personalized and full assistance. In addition:
  • We work in conjunction with a whole network of reliable and serious professionals, such as respected notaries, tax advisors, architects and official translators.
  • With us you can rest assured that all contracts drawn up will fully serve and protect your interests. Of course, if you want, your contracts can be translated before you sign them. This will help you to avoid any unexpected surprises.
  • During the purchasing process, both we and our partners will place special emphasis on ensuring that all of the documents related to the property and its construction are fully up-to-date. This is a way of ensuring that there will be no need for corrections to be made later as a result of documents that are not properly updated, which will save you time and money when you want to sell your property.
  • We do not simply act as business intermediaries; we personally accompany you from your first visit until you officially take possession of your property.

Read the section on “What our clients say” and trust in our experience.