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Dear Martina and Michael:

We are writing to thank you once again for your efforts and your rapid sale of our house in La Floresta.

Other real estate agencies had this house listed for sale, but got very little response.

Thanks to your excellent website and the beautiful, life-like pictures, we were visited by many potential buyers.

Considering the fact that the house was only listed for sale on your website in mid-January and was already sold on March 26, 2008, this speaks well not only for our house but also for the excellent marketing and commitment on your part.

Thank you so much!

Best regards,

Susanne and Norbert

Dear Mrs. van Bevern:

Thank you very much for your kind assistance during my visits in early January and at Easter in 2008. The visits to the properties chosen by you in accordance with my preferences went very smoothly and allowed me to carefully inspect them in the presence of their respective owners. As you know, I especially liked two of the houses. Your advice regarding the properties and the purchase procedures was extremely helpful. I have happy memories of the visits we made together, some of which your husband kindly accompanied us on. I would also like to highlight the competence and kindness shown by your partner in Punta del Este. In this way I was able to have direct contact with Uruguay and its people.

I would very much like to stay in touch with you.

All the best, Bernhard

Hello Mrs. van Bevern and Mr. van Bevern:

I very much wanted to write to you and tell you that I have very good memories of our time together.

Throughout my life I have visited many properties and met many real estate agents, but I have rarely enjoyed those visits as much as I did with you, thanks above all to the way that you do your work.

I would like to highlight just two points as an example:

– Your presentation of the properties was absolutely correct; you did not gloss over any defects or conceal any drawbacks.

– You do not use the bad and very widespread practice of hiding price increases (for example, gross-net cost, etc.).

This kind of reliable, honest business style and fulfilment of promises could be considered normal.

But I want to thank you especially for the assistance you provided above and beyond business matters. I undoubtedly asked you a lot of questions that it really wasn’t your responsibility to answer. And it was obvious to me that you didn’t answer them as if it were an obligation, but rather because you clearly enjoyed being able to tell me more about Uruguay.

I am also extremely impressed by your kind cooperation with matters that have arisen now, after the purchase of my house.

I am anxiously looking forward to seeing my new house again, but also to seeing you again as well.

Best wishes from Germany.

Quick, thorough, trustworthy and friendly. These are the best words to describe Martina van Bevern in her business dealings with us. Thanks so much, we had a wonderful time!

O.S. and L.B.

Dear Mrs. van Bevern:

We are back in Germany now and would like to thank you very much for your dedication and effort in helping us with our house-hunting in Uruguay.

The three days you spent introducing us to the country and showing us houses were very informative and enjoyable for us.

As “newcomers” in Uruguay it was especially important for us to first get a broad general idea of the region and then of the particular type of property (plot of land, country home, house, apartment, etc.) that would be right for us. During the time we spent with you, we were able to make our choice. Although we cannot buy a property right now, we will soon meet with you again and will probably be “neighbours”, since in Uruguay, you are usually no more than two hours away from anyone else!

Best regards from Munich,

The Beckmann family

Dear Mrs. van Bevern:

Time and again we look back fondly on our vacation in Uruguay earlier this year. We saw a lot of the country and, thanks to your help, we were able to visit a whole series of really lovely properties and gather a large amount of interesting information on the country and its people.

We are writing to express our thanks for your hard work, time and patience. Thanks to you we were able to find the right house for us on the Río de la Plata.

We wish you continued success and satisfaction in your work and will very gladly recommend you to others.

Best wishes from Bad Homburg

Dear Martina and Michael:

Thanks to your excellent website we were well informed when we arrived in Uruguay. We were able to visit just the right houses and quickly found what we were looking for. Martina, your assistance in Uruguay, the experiences with the banks and finally the contract signing in Montevideo were an adventure in themselves during this vacation. You were really fantastic! The bottom line: above all, we found friends and neighbours, and on top of that, we got a new house. A good foundation for a new beginning in Uruguay. We want to thank you once again for your commitment and professional advice. In one year we will see you again. And we will be able to spend our vacation in our own home.

Many thanks and best regards,

Karl and Edith N., Switzerland

Hello Martina and Michael:

After setting up a meeting with you from Germany, once we got to Uruguay, we found exactly what you describe and show on your website.

The different properties that Martina took us to fully coincided with Michael’s information and descriptions. Nothing was exaggerated, embellished or concealed.

The two of you reflect something that has been lost in our country: sincere and natural helpfulness. You show and offer your products without ever making your clients feel like they are being pressured.

“Nos vemos” [we’ll see each other] is a way to say good-bye in Spanish, and in this case it’s not just an expression.

Once again, our sincerest thanks to both of you.

Ute and Harry

Dear Mrs. van Bevern:

It has now been six weeks since we got back to Germany, and it’s about time that we wrote to thank you, above all, for receiving us so warmly during our visit to Montevideo.

This was our first impression of our new home, and it couldn’t have been better. The information you gave us about the different places along the coast was simply perfect. Although we were looking for a house near Montevideo, we decided on another location thanks to the “tour” you took us on as our guide. That was how we found the house of our dreams in Punta del Este in just three days! The negotiations with the seller, the meeting with the notary, and the whole process were all highly professional, as would be expected from your presentation on the Internet. But aside from being professional, your assistance was very personalized and extraordinarily helpful. Not a single one of our questions was left unanswered, and for every problem you offered solutions. Our entry into the country would have been considerably more difficult without your help and intermediation, and it would never have been so fast.

For all of this, we want to extend our most sincere appreciation, and we look forward to seeing you again, probably at the end of August.

Until then, best wishes from Anne and Gerhard

Dear Martina and Michael:

Four years ago I came across your website for the first time and from that moment onward I began to learn about Uruguay, even though it was from overseas. You were able to answer my endless questions to my complete satisfaction, which is something I appreciate enormously, and is certainly not easy to find these days. That is what I call service and professionalism! Then, in October of last year, the moment arrived. My preparations to cross the “big pond” were successful, thanks to your help. You reserved a rental car for me and gave me excellent advice on accommodations. I greatly enjoyed the visits to see different properties and also found what I was looking for. Even after the meeting with the notary and the purchase of my house, you were at my side, for example, when I needed to find a trustworthy caretaker for the house or deal with other small unexpected details, which I was able to solve with your help. With you I feel like I am in good hands and was able to take the step, which isn’t very common, of buying a house in Uruguay, with no reservations.

Best regards,


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