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“When should we start to make plans for our retirement? Actually it´s just like sailing: The moment you think about reefing you should do it. And so we got started. We wanted a place geographically opposite to Germany, that is: in the southern hemisphere. Yet we didn´t find too many countries with a democracy and European character on the other side of the equator, but then we were only looking for a nice, peaceful and relaxed place where to live… and quickly choose Uruguay. It was in autumn of 2022 that we contacted Martina van Bevern. Right from the start with the first telephone calls we felt absolutely understood and in good hands.

Dear Martina, according to nordic mythology, the three norns Urd, Verdandi and Skuld sit at the foot of the world tree Yggdrasill, a giant ash tree, spinning the threats of destiny of every man and woman and thus weaving their fortune in destiny´s fabric including the whole world. We don´t know how you did it, but you were able to find our threats of destiny and knew how to weave them.

Since February of this year things happened in quick succession for us. Without firm intentions to invest we traveled to Uruguay, “just to have a look at the houses”, that was our idea. But after three viewings you showed us the very special house that had been waiting for us. You took care of the whole sales procedures, professionally and without stress. We never felt left alone. During our stay in June you simply took us by the hand and helped us to do the next steps, like open a bank account etc., and accompanied us on our way with guidance. Not only in your presence or in our new little house did we feel this sensation of having good company, but also in the new neighborhood where we are going to live, and generally in the whole country, too. Among ourselves, but never alone and least left alone. Everywhere we met friendly and helpful people. We are convinced to have made the right decision and look forward to the new challenges.

Dear Martina, we are grateful that our threats of destiny have led us to you, and we feel plain confidence for the future and wish you all the best and happiness in you next projects.”

Kerstin and Thomas
July 2023

“By chance we came across the van-bevern.com website in Germany and had a look at it – luckily! Being in Germany we contacted them and at once felt accompanied and cared for with a very hearty email correspondence.

When we finally arrived in Uruguay, we started looking for houses with Martina. And that was big fun! Driving to the many estates she would tell us a lot about the country and the people. Absolutely interesting!

What we especially enjoyed was that Martina had many good ideas when we hesitaded: farmhouse (chacra) yes or no, close to the ocean yes or no – she was quickly able to understand what we were looking for and that´s why we found our house in no time at all. She was always there for us and provides a service that goes far beyond what a “normal” estate agent offers! Although we had some thousand questions to ask, we never felt stupid or as if we would bother her. She is really gorgeous and the world´s best real estate agent!

We are nearly sorry not to search for houses any longer because we have found ours with her help, but she would always be our first choice if we had to do so and we fully recommend her!”

Two happy clients, August 2021

“As someone who sales a house at Club del Lago, I would like to highlight the phantastic dedication of Martina Van Bevern as my promoting sales agent.

During the last 3 years Van Bevern has been the only real estate agency of this zone that was working actively for the sale with more than 15 personal visits, carried out with punctuality and special dedication.

The administrative part of the sale was very correct.

I do recommend the real estate agency Van Bevern as the only efficient agency of this zone.”

Nadia D. via email, December 2020

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