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By chance we came across the website in Germany and had a look at it – luckily! Being in Germany we contacted them and at once felt accompanied and cared for with a very hearty email correspondence.

When we finally arrived in Uruguay, we started looking for houses with Martina. And that was big fun! Driving to the many estates she would tell us a lot about the country and the people. Absolutely interesting!

What we especially enjoyed was that Martina had many good ideas when we hesitaded: farmhouse (chacra) yes or no, close to the ocean yes or no – she was quickly able to understand what we were looking for and that´s why we found our house in no time at all. She was always there for us and provides a service that goes far beyond what a “normal” estate agent offers! Although we had some thousand questions to ask, we never felt stupid or as if we would bother her. She is really gorgeous and the world´s best real estate agent!

We are nearly sorry not to search for houses any longer because we have found ours with her help, but she would always be our first choice if we had to do so and we fully recommend her!

Two happy clients, August 2021

As someone who sales a house at Club del Lago, I would like to highlight the phantastic dedication of Martina Van Bevern as my promoting sales agent.

During the last 3 years Van Bevern has been the only real estate agency of this zone that was working actively for the sale with more than 15 personal visits, carried out with punctuality and special dedication.

The administrative part of the sale was very correct.

I do recommend the real estate agency Van Bevern as the only efficient agency of this zone.

Nadia D. via email, December 2020

Dear Van Bevern family,

We are not the kind of people who always comment on a restaurant visit or a holiday experience and finish their opinion with a rating. What happens is that we are a little egoistic, too, and when a place is very beautiful, we don´t want our positiv comment to become our disadvantage and the place overcrowded. But in this particular case we make an exception bacause we feel the extraordinary need to thank you for your extraordinary service, for you are much more than just real estate agents.

We are an elderly couple and had been searching for a secondary residence or a place where we might live on retirement. We did a lot of reserach. The country of destination should be a safe place, with a solid political and economical situation and possibly a european culture. Also a warm climate with all 4 seasons. With these criteria there were not many choices. And in the end only Uruguay was left over.

What do you do when you don´t speak spanish, the national language?

You spend your holidays in the this country and get in contact with a real estate agency. Our first contacts did not lead far, until at the third try we met the Van Bevern family. Admittedly, we are no easy clients, for everything had to suit us perfectly. Starting with the location, the floor plan, the aspect, the present substance of the construction, the garden and the infrastructure, and all this according to our budget.

Really unproblematic to comply with, pigs might fly! Our criteria had raised the bar very high for an estate agent, and actually all of them gave up because the target meant hard work, hard agency work.

Yet these efforts have paid off for us.

Not only did we find our dream house with you! We got the complete inmigration package, including the contact to our inmigration assistant, the affordable hotel in the main season – no one likes to pay 5 times more compared to the off-season.

The list could go on and on if we wanted to mention everything where the Van Bevern family supported us, but all in all we are just so lucky to have met Martina and Michael. A family agency with an integrated service is something we did not dare to dream of.

Dear Martina, dear Michael, without you we never would have been able to come as quickly and successfull to Uruguay as we did.

One really senses that you are not just doing your job, but live and love what you do, and you make others feel part of the family. Thank you so much!

The only thing now that´s left to do for Ines and myself is to learn Spanish. We are working on that so we´ll be able to talk with all the nice people here in Uruguay, just as both of you do.

We wish you all the best, good health and happiness in your family.

Hartmut and Ines, März 2019

Our experience with Martina and Michael van Bevern in Uruguay!

In the spring of 2018 we began to look for information on real estate in Uruguay and came across the website “Uruguay Real Estate – Van Bevern Properties”.

We were immediately captured by the clearly structured website and detailed information. We found a number of interesting properties and got in touch with Martina van Bevern. Inspired by the interesting offerings and pleasant communication, we quickly decided to take a trip to the country of our dreams to get to know it in person and to see some of the properties available first hand.

We traveled to Uruguay for the first time in May 2018 and stayed for two weeks.

Right from our very first meeting with the van Bevern family, their warm and open welcome, positive charisma and sincerity were decisive in making us feel at home and not the least bit like outsiders in this country from the beginning.

During those first two weeks, Martina van Bevern showed us around a dozen properties in different regions. We quickly realized which region was the right one for us and began to look around there more closely.

Thanks to their good contacts and collaboration with Uruguayan real estate agents, together with their in-depth knowledge of both the country and of the pros and cons of each of the properties, as well as the entire procedure for the eventual purchase of a house, we felt that we were given excellent advice, but that they never attempted to influence our decision.

Back in Germany, filled with memories of our wonderful experiences and a certain longing, we decided to buy a house in Punta Ballena, and Martina carried out the operation on our behalf in the most exemplary way. Our questions were never too much for her, and she continued to provide us with the most reliable help, far beyond the services that are normally offered.

Five months after our first trip to Uruguay, we traveled there once again, this time to our own beautiful house. While still in Germany, with the help of Martina, we had already bought our own small car there. She took care of making the down payment and ensured that it was ready and waiting for us as soon as we arrived. What service!

We were thrilled to move into our house, with its large yard and pool, and thanks to Martina, everything was clean and in perfect condition.

Then we began with the lessons on the particular characteristics of the country. Martina helped us open a bank account. She explained, and continues to explain until today, the different realities of living here, and is always available to assist us, with practical help or as a translator. Time and time again, the van Bevern family has provided us with valuable advice and information on our surroundings, near and far. And all of this for a relatively small commission fee, a one-time payment made for brokering the purchase of the house.

Without the van Bevern family we never would have dared to take the step of building a new home for ourselves in Uruguay. We are deeply grateful to them. The van Bevern family are the best ambassadors that the state of Uruguay could possibly have.

May 2019

Marlies Kujawa, Peter Meyer, Club del Lago, Punta Ballena

Dear van Bevern family,

It is time to write to say THANK YOU for your very kind and competent support in our search for a house in beautiful Uruguay!

For us it was a blessing to have met you! You did absolutely everything possible to help us find a beautiful home! We spent several days together with you, touring and looking at many different houses. We were already beginning to feel frustrated because we couldn’t seem to find the right one. But the last one we visited made our hearts jump with joy! We immediately felt comfortable and we are very happy with our decision.

Dear Martina, you were always by our side, with your advice and practical assistance, you did everything you could for us, going beyond your professional responsibility. This is not something we normally expect, so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Don’t ever change, stay the way you are! We wish you continued success and all the best of luck in the future.

Warm regards,

Dear Martina van Bevern:

We won the grand prize when we bought our last house in Uruguay thanks to your tremendous support, after several sad experiences with local real estate agents. He have bought houses in Uruguay and in Canada but have never had such a positive experience working with someone like we had with you. You helped us with lots of good advice and interesting information, and you became a very dear friend. Our emails were always answered immediately, something that is very unusual in Uruguay. You answered the most impossible questions with patience, and your knowledge about the laws and the different bureaucratic procedures here were always enormously helpful.

You are like an overflowing fountain full of ideas and enthusiasm in this complex world of real estate. Your good relationship with the notary also opened doors for us that we didn’t even know existed. When we encountered problems and became discouraged, you showed us a new way forward. You put us in contact with professionals and negotiated with owners so that we were able to buy the house of our dreams. You were always there for us, no matter how long it took to find the right house. You are like a rare pearl, and we are very happy to have found someone so human and so kind in this world where so often, money is all that matters. We are very grateful and wish you many more satisfied clients.

Yours sincerely,
Gundy and Syd

Dear Mrs. van Bevern:

Since our return to the cold of Germany almost a month ago, we have fondly reminisced about the wonderful time we spent in Uruguay, especially in Punta del Este.

Our “exploratory trip”, which was mainly meant to give us an idea of whether we could eventually move there, was very revealing. And that is mainly thanks to your objective and always honest presentation of the local realities during our visits to houses, different regions, etc. We very much appreciated your patience in sharing information with us. We have very pleasant memories of you and we will also remember you if the opportunity arises for us to move to Punta del Este in due time. At present the conditions are not right for such a move due to family-related circumstances, but we will undoubtedly consider the idea once again in the future. And when we do, you will be our first choice, of that you can be certain.

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to you, along with our best wishes for a good start in the new year 2011, and for your health and well-being.

Warm regards

Dear Martina and Michael:

I am very grateful for the tremendous commitment you showed in selling my house. During my visits to Uruguay, I was struck by the sense that you have a “good nose” for finding the “right” client, and as a result you were able to find a buyer in a very short time.

I was impressed by the friendly, personalized, efficient and comprehensive assistance you provided, from our first conversations, to your continuous updates on the situation while I was far away in Germany, to your quick response to all of my questions, and finally in preparing and carrying out the meeting with the notary.

It is not common for contracts to be translated into German before the papers are signed in front of the notary, as I know from previous experiences. But for you, this detail, which is so important for German-speaking buyers and sellers, is part of your “regular assistance”. Fantastic! (Even for Spanish speakers, Uruguayan contracts are quite unique…)

By the way, your choice of a notary was very good! I would gladly do it all over!

I also thought it was great that we spoke on the phone so frequently. Quick and direct, no long letters or emails. It really simplified the process and speeded up the negotiations. And it is really reassuring for someone who lives in Germany and isn’t right there.

And in general: speaking German makes everything so much easier (for me)! And also the fact that you know the German or European mentality perfectly well, as well as that of the Uruguayans. You really do a great job at “building those bridges”!

I was also able to experience as a buyer the great sensitivity you show and your ability to “sound out” what is important for your clients. Once again, thank you so much for showing me exactly what I was looking for and for the “house hunting tour”. This is important both for potential buyers, who are normally undecided, and for you, since together you can rapidly rule out what the client is NOT interested in. I have the impression that this way you are able to immediately grasp what the client is looking for and then focus the search on properties that might really interest them.

Knowledge, understanding and sensitivity, in other words: 10 out of 10!

Best wishes, and I hope to see you again soon,


Dear Martina:

We got back home four weeks ago and we can’t stop thinking about spending the European winter months in Uruguay.

During the few days we spent in Piriápolis, you quickly helped us discover the benefits offered by the country through your kind and friendly assistance.

Thanks to your professionalism in looking for exactly what we wanted and your patience, we were able to visit a number of properties that offered excellent value for money.

Most of all, now we know which region we like the most.

As soon as we have finished getting our affairs in order here, we will see you again to make our dream a reality.

Until then, the van Bevern real estate website will remain our number one favourite.

Many thanks and greetings from Bavaria,

Dear Mrs. van Bevern:

After our two real estate purchases (a home in Montevideo and a piece of property in La Floresta) were successfully completed thanks to your exemplary commitment and dedication, we would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to you.

Unfortunately, we learned from the experience of the purchase of our home in Montevideo, for which the broker was another real estate agency, that not all real estate acquisitions are problem-free. Luckily we decided to give you power of attorney for the purchase of our home, and you were then able to successfully finalise, to everyone’s satisfaction, a transaction that almost fell through due to the rather unprofessional conduct of our contractual partners.

In the case of the piece of property we purchased, you were our broker from the very beginning and because of this we were spared any unpleasant surprises. Since this was our first real estate purchase in Uruguay, we acted very cautiously and it is possible that at times we ended up being rather “annoying” clients because of all the questions we asked. That is why we would also like to thank you for your patience and above all for your competence and knowledge in this area.

We would like to stress that from our first contact through your website right up until the signing of the contract we did not observe a single shortcoming of note, despite the fact that we consider ourselves to be rather critical consumers.

After all of these positive experiences, we hope that perhaps at some time in the future you will also establish real estate operations in Montevideo, since we have the intention of making another real estate purchase in a few years and will want a truly reliable broker who speaks German and perfect Spanish.

From Vienna in springtime we send you our warmest regards,

Rosa and Günter

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    Dear Martina:

    We got back home four weeks ago and we can’t stop thinking about spending the European winter months in Uruguay.

    During the few days we spent in Piriápolis, you quickly helped us discover the benefits offered by the country through your kind and friendly assistance.

    Thanks to your professionalism in looking for exactly what we wanted and your patience, we were able to visit a number of properties that offered excellent value for money.

    Most of all, now we know which region we like … Read more

    Marcel and Monika

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