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7. Is there room for negotiation in the prices listed?

Posted by vanBevern on 22. September 2017

We only list properties for sale when we believe that the asking price offers good value for money. Of course, we also consider certain factors that might not be taken into account in a purely objective appraisal, such as properties in open areas with a sea view. This does not mean that a lower price can never be negotiated, but the belief that asking prices are normally set at least 20% higher than the actual sales price for real estate in Uruguay is not true. If sellers get the impression that you don’t take their offer seriously and you simply assume it is overpriced, they will probably be closed to any further negotiation. Here, as a general rule, sale prices are only negotiated when a tentative agreement to buy the property has been reached. For each particular case, we can advise you as to how much the seller might eventually accept.

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