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6. What are the monthly expenses for a homeowner in Uruguay?

Posted by vanBevern on 22. September 2017

(As of February 2014)

Water rates: For a two-person household, without sprinklers or a swimming pool, approx. US$ 20 a month

Electricity rates: For a two-person household, approx. US$ 100 a month

Internet service: Depending on the specific contract (for different speeds, number of hours of service, etc.), approx. US$ 55 a month

Fixed-line telephone: Base rate of approx. US$ 6 a month

Contribución Inmobiliaria or municipal property tax (includes trash collection, street cleaning, road maintenance, etc.): Varies in accordance with location, size of property and size of house.

Two examples: For a house in Atlántida worth US$150,000, approx. US$ 400 annually; for a house in Solís worth US$ 85,000, approx. US$ 200 annually (when prepaid in full in the month of January, with a corresponding discount of 20%).

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