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2. How can I bring my personal effects into Uruguay?

Posted by vanBevern on 22. September 2017

When you have obtained a long-term residence permit, you are allowed to import personal effects (household goods, furniture, etc.) without paying customs duties, as long as they are items considered to be for daily household use. Between the time you apply for and receive confirmation of your residence permit (which can take between six months and a year and a half), you can bring household goods into the country by paying a refundable deposit to the customs authorities in an amount equivalent to the value of the goods imported. This deposit may be paid in cash, government fixed-income securities, or, if you already own property in Uruguay, a special insurance from the Banco de Seguros del Estado (BSE). This deposit will be refunded once you have obtained a long-term residence permit.

Please note: To the best of our knowledge, and according to information provided by the Uruguayan customs authorities, foreigners are still not allowed to import motor vehicles into the country (as of october 2017). From time to time there are rumours of new regulations on this matter, but they mainly refer to special permits for Uruguayans who have lived abroad for a number of years and are now returning to Uruguay. In order to avoid any problems that could arise when importing a container with your personal effects, we recommend that you do not bring spare parts for motor vehicles into the country, either.

You will be required to present a packing list that must be legalized by a Uruguayan consulate in your country in advance. This list should be written in at least two languages (English and Spanish) and contain a detailed list of all the items, as well as the destination address in Uruguay and the name, passport number and signature of the sender. To see a sample packing list, click here.

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