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Testimonial 8

Posted by woogency on 9. June 2021

Dear Martina and Michael,

I have two good reasons for writing this recommendation and I hope it is helpful for people who do not know you yet.

The first is to say how grateful I am to have met you. Both you, Martina, and you, Michael, are not only excellent professionals but also two very good, kind and nice people.

Secondly, I have carried out two transactions thanks to your real estate services, first a sale and then a purchase. For both operations I must thank you for your expert participation and the excellent service you provide. I was able to see for myself that you honestly defend both the seller and the buyer, so that the end result is a fair business deal for everyone.

I hope you continue to have lots of success as you have had until now, you deserve it for doing your job very well!!!!

Recommended 100%


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