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Testimonial 6

Posted by woogency on 9. June 2021

Dear Martina,

I’m sending you this note both to thank you for your excellent service, and to tell you how much I appreciate the way van Bevern Realty has represented my properties.

I’ve visited a number of realtors’ online sites, and I’ve yet to find a site comparable to yours. It’s well organized, very informative, and extremely ‘user friendly.’ The listings are beautifully displayed and well described. I’m very pleased to have my properties included on your web site.

As you know, I’ve been present on several occasions when you’ve shown one of my properties, and I’ve been impressed with your thoroughness and professionalism.

You’ve not only done an excellent job in presenting the property to the prospective buyers, but you’ve also treated them as I would want to be treated if I were the buyer. That is, by definition, professionalism.

And of course, I appreciate your consideration in notifying me of upcoming showings, and that you always keep your appointments and arrive promptly.

It’s become a sort of game to see how many minutes late or early I will hear your knock at my door – and it’s most often in the range of five minutes or so, something almost unheard of in Latin America.

I would – and have –recommended your sales office, and will continue to do so, both to buyers and sellers.

Best regards,

Merlin Williams

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