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Testimonial 5

Posted by woogency on 9. June 2021

Hi Martina!

I just want to thank you again for all the support that you gave to U. and myself in the chalet … sale.

That really was an impossible situation that U. and myself found ourselves in, with our Uruguayan sales agent. For sure, there would have been no sale without you, because we didn’t get the answers and explanations that we required from either our agent or the public notary. But you rescued the day with your expert local knowledge and advice In the end, everything associated with the sale went through smoothly. Only thanks to you!

I especially appreciated that, because you answered U.’s call for advice, even though this was not your sale. You would have been quite correct to say, hey, please ask your sale agent these questions. But you answered the questions that nobody else could, which enabled us to proceed further with the house sale.

When I first met you in Punta, I was immediately put at ease by your casual, hippy like personal charm. But I quickly realized that you have the ‘Made In Germany’ mark of a hard-nosed business woman. I was so reassured that you were there by me, supporting my side of the business, on each step of the sale process. You ask the difficult questions, also the questions I’d never even thought of, and you want answers. And you have solutions too.

As I later discovered, your professionalism fits so well to your past experience working in customer services with Germany’s biggest real estate bank. But there is more to it than that. Because you demonstrated that you know the Uruguay real estate business inside out, even better than the local experts who I had been dealing with. That’s really amazing, but I can only verify that it was so! You are a true professional.

Martina, thank you!

If U.’s and my own dream of ever returning to Uruguay materializes, you can bet we are going to be in touch with you first!

God bless you and your family, Martina!


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