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Testimonial 3

Posted by woogency on 9. June 2021

Dear Martina:

We have been living in our wonderful new “winter getaway” for three weeks and now I will finally take the time to thank you and your team for the super fast and uncomplicated purchase. In Germany one sometimes wonders what real estate agents earn their commission for. Here things were very different and my husband and I do not regret a single dollar of your fee! Thanks to your great negotiating skills you were able to get us an agreeable sales price, and your careful examination of the property documents saved us from damages in the future if we decide to resell. That alone was worth the investment! We also greatly appreciate the fact that, after the sales contract was signed, you kept your word and accompanied us, who are newcomers to the language, during the paperwork “marathon” with the different authorities. People should know that without really good knowledge of Spanish, purchasing real estate in Uruguay is a risky business, to say the least. But now that we know that all of the papers were completely checked by legal experts, we can fully enjoy our little house with a sea view. And that is what we do every day!

For us you were the main contact person and intermediary between the different parties (buyer-seller, architect-building authorities, notary public-authorities, etc.). And at every meeting, you showed so much positive energy that it was also a pleasure for us to meet with you. But working in the background of course there was a network that you have put together of very reliable people, without whom it certainly would not have been possible to get through the whole process in just six weeks. Please extend our sincerest thanks to all of them as well!

We wish you continued success and hope to see you again soon although not for business purposes!

Yours truly, Carmen

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