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Testimonial 28

Posted by vanBevern on 5. October 2021

Dear Van Bevern family,

We are not the kind of people who always comment on a restaurant visit or a holiday experience and finish their opinion with a rating. What happens is that we are a little egoistic, too, and when a place is very beautiful, we don´t want our positiv comment to become our disadvantage and the place overcrowded. But in this particular case we make an exception bacause we feel the extraordinary need to thank you for your extraordinary service, for you are much more than just real estate agents.

We are an elderly couple and had been searching for a secondary residence or a place where we might live on retirement. We did a lot of reserach. The country of destination should be a safe place, with a solid political and economical situation and possibly a european culture. Also a warm climate with all 4 seasons. With these criteria there were not many choices. And in the end only Uruguay was left over.

What do you do when you don´t speak spanish, the national language?

You spend your holidays in the this country and get in contact with a real estate agency. Our first contacts did not lead far, until at the third try we met the Van Bevern family. Admittedly, we are no easy clients, for everything had to suit us perfectly. Starting with the location, the floor plan, the aspect, the present substance of the construction, the garden and the infrastructure, and all this according to our budget.

Really unproblematic to comply with, pigs might fly! Our criteria had raised the bar very high for an estate agent, and actually all of them gave up because the target meant hard work, hard agency work.

Yet these efforts have paid off for us.

Not only did we find our dream house with you! We got the complete inmigration package, including the contact to our inmigration assistant, the affordable hotel in the main season – no one likes to pay 5 times more compared to the off-season.

The list could go on and on if we wanted to mention everything where the Van Bevern family supported us, but all in all we are just so lucky to have met Martina and Michael. A family agency with an integrated service is something we did not dare to dream of.

Dear Martina, dear Michael, without you we never would have been able to come as quickly and successfull to Uruguay as we did.

One really senses that you are not just doing your job, but live and love what you do, and you make others feel part of the family. Thank you so much!

The only thing now that´s left to do for Ines and myself is to learn Spanish. We are working on that so we´ll be able to talk with all the nice people here in Uruguay, just as both of you do.

We wish you all the best, good health and happiness in your family.

Hartmut and Ines, März 2019

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