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Testimonial 27

Posted by woogency on 9. June 2021

Our experience with Martina and Michael van Bevern in Uruguay!

In the spring of 2018 we began to look for information on real estate in Uruguay and came across the website “Uruguay Real Estate – Van Bevern Properties”.

We were immediately captured by the clearly structured website and detailed information. We found a number of interesting properties and got in touch with Martina van Bevern. Inspired by the interesting offerings and pleasant communication, we quickly decided to take a trip to the country of our dreams to get to know it in person and to see some of the properties available first hand.

We traveled to Uruguay for the first time in May 2018 and stayed for two weeks.

Right from our very first meeting with the van Bevern family, their warm and open welcome, positive charisma and sincerity were decisive in making us feel at home and not the least bit like outsiders in this country from the beginning.

During those first two weeks, Martina van Bevern showed us around a dozen properties in different regions. We quickly realized which region was the right one for us and began to look around there more closely.

Thanks to their good contacts and collaboration with Uruguayan real estate agents, together with their in-depth knowledge of both the country and of the pros and cons of each of the properties, as well as the entire procedure for the eventual purchase of a house, we felt that we were given excellent advice, but that they never attempted to influence our decision.

Back in Germany, filled with memories of our wonderful experiences and a certain longing, we decided to buy a house in Punta Ballena, and Martina carried out the operation on our behalf in the most exemplary way. Our questions were never too much for her, and she continued to provide us with the most reliable help, far beyond the services that are normally offered.

Five months after our first trip to Uruguay, we traveled there once again, this time to our own beautiful house. While still in Germany, with the help of Martina, we had already bought our own small car there. She took care of making the down payment and ensured that it was ready and waiting for us as soon as we arrived. What service!

We were thrilled to move into our house, with its large yard and pool, and thanks to Martina, everything was clean and in perfect condition.

Then we began with the lessons on the particular characteristics of the country. Martina helped us open a bank account. She explained, and continues to explain until today, the different realities of living here, and is always available to assist us, with practical help or as a translator. Time and time again, the van Bevern family has provided us with valuable advice and information on our surroundings, near and far. And all of this for a relatively small commission fee, a one-time payment made for brokering the purchase of the house.

Without the van Bevern family we never would have dared to take the step of building a new home for ourselves in Uruguay. We are deeply grateful to them. The van Bevern family are the best ambassadors that the state of Uruguay could possibly have.

May 2019

Marlies Kujawa, Peter Meyer, Club del Lago, Punta Ballena

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