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Testimonial 25

Posted by woogency on 9. June 2021

Dear Martina van Bevern:

We won the grand prize when we bought our last house in Uruguay thanks to your tremendous support, after several sad experiences with local real estate agents. He have bought houses in Uruguay and in Canada but have never had such a positive experience working with someone like we had with you. You helped us with lots of good advice and interesting information, and you became a very dear friend. Our emails were always answered immediately, something that is very unusual in Uruguay. You answered the most impossible questions with patience, and your knowledge about the laws and the different bureaucratic procedures here were always enormously helpful.

You are like an overflowing fountain full of ideas and enthusiasm in this complex world of real estate. Your good relationship with the notary also opened doors for us that we didn’t even know existed. When we encountered problems and became discouraged, you showed us a new way forward. You put us in contact with professionals and negotiated with owners so that we were able to buy the house of our dreams. You were always there for us, no matter how long it took to find the right house. You are like a rare pearl, and we are very happy to have found someone so human and so kind in this world where so often, money is all that matters. We are very grateful and wish you many more satisfied clients.

Yours sincerely,
Gundy and Syd

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