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Testimonial 19

Posted by woogency on 9. June 2021

Hello Mrs. van Bevern and Mr. van Bevern:

I very much wanted to write to you and tell you that I have very good memories of our time together.

Throughout my life I have visited many properties and met many real estate agents, but I have rarely enjoyed those visits as much as I did with you, thanks above all to the way that you do your work.

I would like to highlight just two points as an example:

– Your presentation of the properties was absolutely correct; you did not gloss over any defects or conceal any drawbacks.

– You do not use the bad and very widespread practice of hiding price increases (for example, gross-net cost, etc.).

This kind of reliable, honest business style and fulfilment of promises could be considered normal.

But I want to thank you especially for the assistance you provided above and beyond business matters. I undoubtedly asked you a lot of questions that it really wasn’t your responsibility to answer. And it was obvious to me that you didn’t answer them as if it were an obligation, but rather because you clearly enjoyed being able to tell me more about Uruguay.

I am also extremely impressed by your kind cooperation with matters that have arisen now, after the purchase of my house.

I am anxiously looking forward to seeing my new house again, but also to seeing you again as well.

Best wishes from Germany.

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