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Testimonial 11

Posted by woogency on 9. June 2021

Dear Martina and Michael:

I am very grateful for the tremendous commitment you showed in selling my house. During my visits to Uruguay, I was struck by the sense that you have a “good nose” for finding the “right” client, and as a result you were able to find a buyer in a very short time.

I was impressed by the friendly, personalized, efficient and comprehensive assistance you provided, from our first conversations, to your continuous updates on the situation while I was far away in Germany, to your quick response to all of my questions, and finally in preparing and carrying out the meeting with the notary.

It is not common for contracts to be translated into German before the papers are signed in front of the notary, as I know from previous experiences. But for you, this detail, which is so important for German-speaking buyers and sellers, is part of your “regular assistance”. Fantastic! (Even for Spanish speakers, Uruguayan contracts are quite unique…)

By the way, your choice of a notary was very good! I would gladly do it all over!

I also thought it was great that we spoke on the phone so frequently. Quick and direct, no long letters or emails. It really simplified the process and speeded up the negotiations. And it is really reassuring for someone who lives in Germany and isn’t right there.

And in general: speaking German makes everything so much easier (for me)! And also the fact that you know the German or European mentality perfectly well, as well as that of the Uruguayans. You really do a great job at “building those bridges”!

I was also able to experience as a buyer the great sensitivity you show and your ability to “sound out” what is important for your clients. Once again, thank you so much for showing me exactly what I was looking for and for the “house hunting tour”. This is important both for potential buyers, who are normally undecided, and for you, since together you can rapidly rule out what the client is NOT interested in. I have the impression that this way you are able to immediately grasp what the client is looking for and then focus the search on properties that might really interest them.

Knowledge, understanding and sensitivity, in other words: 10 out of 10!

Best wishes, and I hope to see you again soon,


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