About us


Martina van Bevern was born in 1969 and is a professionally trained banker. She worked for 10 years at a mortgage bank in Germany, where she gained in-depth knowledge and experience in real estate financing.

Michael van Bevern was born in 1960 and enjoyed a successful 20-year career in the field of graphic arts and advertising, where he developed extensive expertise in the areas of marketing, sales, public relations and web design.

Since 2001, Martina and Michael van Bevern have come to know and love many different parts of South America and have been involved in a number of personal and business ventures, among them, a trip that lasted close to a year and a half and included Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Uruguay.

It was precisely Uruguay, the country about which they had the fewest expectations before the trip, that impressed them the most. From the very beginning, they were captured by the mysterious and understated charm of this country. They were also drawn by the romantic, peaceful atmosphere that pervades every corner of the country, and the remarkably warm and friendly Uruguayan people.

In 2006 they emigrated from Germany to Uruguay, where they operate a real estate agency registered under licence number 1117 at the Uruguayan Ministry of Tourism. Together, they combine the knowledge and experience they have accumulated through their respective former professions, during their time in Uruguay, and throughout the last 15 years in South America.