8/2/2017 – Merkel and Vázquez discuss free trade

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Germany and Uruguay are working to promote the successful signing of a free trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur. They are also seeking to expand relations in the areas of infrastructure, energy and agriculture, announced German Chancellor Angela Merkel during Uruguayan President Tabaré Vázquez’s visit to Berlin. Merkel praised Uruguay’s positive and sustainable development, particularly in terms of shared political values. She also highlighted Uruguay’s efforts to combat poverty and achieve sustainable management of the environment. With the most favorable Gini coefficient (a measure of the distribution of income and wealth in a nation) in Latin America, Uruguay demonstrates that “it is not only committed to fostering economic development but also a fair distribution among its citizens.” She added that Uruguay is also a good example of very responsible policies internationally. Merkel pointed to the industrial sector as an important area for bilateral cooperation. Germany could support Uruguay in the framework of an industrial infrastructure program. For example, it could participate in the expansion of railway infrastructure, for which a declaration of intent will be signed with the Uruguayan Ministry of Transport. Uruguay is also working on the sustainable supply of energy based on renewable energy sources, resulting in points in common with the Ministry of the Environment, stressed Merkel. At the same time, Uruguay is placing great emphasis on sustainable agriculture, which is why the Uruguayan president would be paying a visit to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture. The Chancellor described Uruguay as an important engine for trade agreements, and noted that it will once again have the opportunity to promote free trade with Europe by taking over the presidency of Mercosur.