29/11/2015 Uruguay concerned over climate of violence in Venezuela

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The murder of Venezuelan opposition politician Luis Manuel Díaz has sparked outrage throughout Latin America. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos called for a worldwide condemnation of the killing; even Brazil’s head of state, Dilma Rousseff, issued an opinion and reacted with dismay to the murder of Díaz. The governments of Uruguay, Panama and Costa Rica also called on the leftist government of Venezuela to end the climate of violence.

Montevideo “’laments and condemns’” the killing of Díaz and calls for a thorough investigation into the incident. In an official statement, the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry calls on the leftist government in Caracas ‘to ensure “peace, tolerance and freedom of expression’”. The opposition stressed that “there are no democratic guarantees” in Venezuela. Meanwhile, the Paraguayan government will support Argentina’s request for the exclusion of Venezuela from Mercosur.