28 June 2014 – Uruguayan football team trainer Tabarez lashed out against FIFA


In a 15-minute speech during a press conference, Uruguayan national football team trainer Oscar Washington Tabarez lashed out against FIFA and the international media for their treatment of Uruguayan player Luis Suárez.

Tabarez said he could accept the need for a sanction, but the decision adopted was excessively severe. After a comparison with other infractions, he declared, “In this tournament we have seen things that have been measured with a very different yardstick.” He reproached the Disciplinary Committee for having used its power “indiscriminately” and alleged that Suárez had been made a “scapegoat”. “But they forget that often the scapegoat is a person, that he also has another side and he also has rights,” he added.

As a consequence of the sanction, which he deems excessive, Tabarez announced that he would resign his post on the FIFA Strategic Committee. According to the “Maestro” (Teacher), as Tabarez is popularly known, he could not work in an organisation with people who have different values from his own.