25/10/2016 – Uruguay and Argentina want the 2030 World Cup

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During a meeting in Buenos Aires, the Argentine and Uruguayan presidents pledged their full support for the initiative to jointly host the 2030 FIFA World Cup. “We reaffirm that we are going to work together to compete for the organisation of the 2030 World Cup in Uruguay and Argentina,” declared Argentine President Mauricio Macri at a press conference with his guest Tabaré Vázquez. Both presidents had first declared in January their support for a joint application to host the event. If they succeed, the tournament would take place 100 years after the first World Cup, which was held in Uruguay, in stadiums in the two countries, since Uruguay would be unable to organise the event alone, due to its small size and subsequently limited infrastructure. Since the 2018 World Cup will take place in Russia, no European country is allowed to apply to host the tournament in 2026, which means that there is expected to be fierce competition from Europe for the organisation of the 2030 World Cup.