23/02/2016 Uruguay boasts excellent connectivity

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The Uruguayan government communications company Antel offers the best LTE coverage in Latin America, according to a recently published report by Open Signal. The global LTE leader is South Korea with coverage of 97% percent, followed by Japan with 90% and Hong Kong with 86%. Uruguay occupies the eighth spot worldwide with 82%. Antel is considered a pioneer in LTE technology and is the national provider, to all Uruguayans, of good mobile and internet service. In other internet connections as well, Antel offers the highest average speed on the continent thanks to good equipment with fibre optic cables. In global rankings, Uruguay is in seventh place.

The United Nations views broadband connectivity as key to economic growth. In this regard, Uruguay not only has the ideal technical requirements, but excellent cultural and economic conditions as well. In addition, the political and institutional conditions in Uruguay are extraordinary, according to the IT ranking of the World Economic Forum.

Thanks to these superlative conditions, Uruguay has become a successful exporter of software in recent years. In the videogame sector, there have been a number of successful start-ups. For example, the popular app ‘Kingdom Rush’ was developed by the Uruguayan firm Ironhide.