03/10/2015 Marijuana cultivation begins in Uruguay

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Nearly two years after the adoption of the law legalising it, the Uruguayan government has granted two companies authorisation to grow marijuana. The joint venture companies Simbiosys and ICCorp were selected from 22 applicants and will now be allowed to produce up to two tons of marijuana a year each. The announcement was made at a press conference on Thursday by the secretary of the Office of the President and chairman of the National Drug Authority, Juan Andrés Roballo.
The marijuana will be grown on public land allocated by the government in the department of San José, with the Ministry of the Interior responsible for guarding the crops. The marijuana will be sold through pharmacies. Consumers will be allowed to purchase up to ten grams a week, at a set price of 22 pesos (around 80 cents of a euro) per gram. The THC content will be no greater than 15 percent.